Winter Combo Style

February 21, 2018

My favorite combo this winter was wearing my oversized robe coat, with my camel sweater and my Vans (you saw them together already in an older post). I loved mainly the combination of colors, I liked to wear other than black (the color that not only me, but most of the people like to wear during winter); these earth colors always go perfectly together, even with my skin and hair color. It didn’t matter what I wore as bottoms, from skirts to jeans, these items gave me that sporty look that kept me very warm and fashionable this season. What were your favorite garments this cold season?… Continue Reading…


Extreme Cat Eye

February 20, 2018

The extreme cat eye sunnies practically has invaded every runaway… and with every show I felt more and more in love, so  last week i decided to get my own, so I went to the search of the right pair of sunnies for me, why for me?, because with a round face as mine finding the right style of this model could be hard… I am very demanding and special with this accessory… haha…  Come on! we all want the the right sunglasses! are going to be on our face, so it better look cool, right?. Luckily, this search didn’t take me too far or out of my budget (even cheaper)… Although i am not fan of sunnies with metal rims (because if i put them over my hear, the nose pad arms get stuck in my hair!!!) This pair i found in mango were the ones! I can’t stop wearing them!. Continue Reading…



February 19, 2018

The faux shearling & denim jacket, the hat and the backpack I think are the mainstream items for the hipster look, don’t you think??. However, this is how i would dress up for most of the days, because with or without time to get ready, a basic tee + jeans + sneakers will be always my first choice. My style is very eclectic, I will always pick to feel comfortable in my clothes, so from the trends I see every year I will stick with the one more tomboyish and you?. Do you like this outfit that shouts out “hipster” all over the place, eventhough I am not that kind? hahaha…


La chaqueta denim con borreguillo falso, el sombrero y la mochila, creo que son los artículos principales para el look hipster, ¿no crees? Sin embargo, así es como me vestiría la mayoría de los días, porque con o sin tiempo para alistarme, una camiseta básica + un par de jeans + zapatos deportivos, siempre serán mi primera opción. Mi estilo es muy ecléctico, siempre prefiero sentirme cómoda  con mi ropa, así que de todas las tendencias que llegan cada año, siempre me quedo con las más masculinas y tú?. Te gusta este outfit que grita “hipster” por todos lados aunque te jure que no lo soy? jajaja…  Continue Reading…


Suiza Alarmante

February 17, 2018

The video is about the Sirens Test in whole Switzerland. I have never been before the first Wednesday of February in the country to see it and what it called my attention mainly was that, even though they have been practicing this test since the Second World War, the government still remember and inform their citizens with a very swiss and funny TV advertisement about what is going to happen that day, again. 

Ok, as I mentioned in a previous post, I think I will start speaking more (in spanish though) in my videos of my Youtube channel and here is the very first one… (where I am actually saying something)… haha… I’m sorry if you follow me and don’t speak spanish to understand what I am saying, but is my mother tongue and of course I feel more comfortable if I have to say something in front of my camera… Yet, I have moments where I forget the words or confuse them… hahaha… 

I hope you like it! 



El video es sobre la Prueba de Sirenas en toda Suiza. Nunca estuve antes el primer miércoles de febrero en el país para verlo y lo que más me llamó la atención fue que, aunque han estado haciendo esta prueba desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial, el gobierno aún recuerda e informa a sus ciudadanos con un anuncio de televisión divertido sobre lo que va a pasar ese día, de nuevo.

Ok, como mencioné en una publicación anterior, creo que empezaré a hablar más (en español) en mis videos de mi canal de Youtube y aquí está el primero… (donde estoy diciendo algo)… jaja… Disculpame si me sigues y no hablas español para entender lo que estoy diciendo, pero es mi lengua materna y por supuesto me siento más cómoda si tengo que decir algo delante de mi cámara… Sin embargo, tengo momentos en los que me olvido de las palabras o las confundo… jajaja…

Espero que te guste!


Fashion + Shop

French Kiss

February 14, 2018


I hope you enjoy this romantic outfit at Palazzina Alhambra an architectural jewel in the city of Lugano. It’s really a delight to walk through Corso Pestalozzi, the street where you will find this beautiful building, an another gorgeous one of the city for still maintaining buildings of the time. I hope the architects of today would design more harmonious and delicate things, than only minimalist cube-shaped things. Do you agree?…

I really feel like a french girl with this look in such an iconic place for their checkered floors! so chic! I love it!. Did I tell you this kilt (the scottish skirt) is a gift from my mom? it was hers when she was young. She was even more skinny than me! omg!! I had to loose some weight before trying to wear this kilt for the first time few years ago! hahaha…

Continue Reading…