DIY, Lookbook

Strapless Ruffled Crop Top

August 24, 2016


Our trip to Liguria this summer was awesome, it didn’t last long, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

I brought with me my ruffled crop top, which is perfect for the beach. I designed this top myself, when I was in Ecuador last year, one of my aunts is a fashion designer and she has her studio where I can try to create new things. Lucky me! Continue Reading…


Sunshine State

August 17, 2016


What a wonderful city is Lugano! I really love it here!, for so many reasons but mainly because of the sunshine.

Doesn’t matter the season of the year, if it is winter or summer, it’s always sunny! which is something that makes me happy, literally. I think my body is very used to a huge doze of vitamin D, since back home, in Guayaquil which is even hotter, over there I was used to be tanned for so much sunshine, the whole day, everyday. Continue Reading…


Liguria Photo Journal

August 15, 2016


I simply adore Liguria! The cuisine and the beaches makes it a beautiful destination in the north west of Italy.

This is the photo journal of our getaway to this italian region with my hubby. Although it was not the first time I had the opportunity to visit Liguria, it was our first time on these three little towns we visited on the italian riviera: Spotorno, Noli and Varigotti. All of them very enchanting, colorful, with blue water beaches and delicious food. Continue Reading…


Berlin Tourist 2.0

August 8, 2016


DSC_0143How to look like a Berlin tourist? or as a tourist anywhere?, just wear basics!

First,let me tell you that my amazing hubby took these pictures, as always, to help me with my blog posts. Thanks a lot Amore Mio!!! Well, As I always mention, less is more, and as a tourist in any city of the world that you visit, you might prefer comfortability. Continue Reading…