Gentle Monster

August 13, 2017

I am completely in love with Gentle Monster! since the first time I tried this pair back in Shanghai. This South Korean luxury eyewear brand designs sunglasses that are completely appealing, unique, and the better is, they are made for every face shape.

Even if is still considered new to the western markets Gentle Monster is ruling the trends about eyewear in Asia. All the K-pop singers, movie and tv stars around the continent are wearing their daring designs and I couldn’t resist either. I fell in love with this model and the red tinted lenses called ‘Black Peter rd1’. which are a pair made in full acetate, very light and stylish.  Continue Reading…


Ruffles made in Ecuador

August 8, 2017

Holaaa! Holaa!!

Después de unas semanas alejadas de mi blog por la vagancia que me da el jet lag, finalmente me he repuesto del cansancio y me he puesto a hacer algunas cosas para el blog. Hoy les cuento un poco de este outfit del día usando una marca ecuatoriana. Es perfecto para un día en la ciudad mientras haces tus tramites, es una especie de estilo casual-básico super cómodo!.  La blusa de chifon, que es lo especial de este look, es de la diseñadora ecuatoriana Andrea Vega. Una blusa linda y clásica que tengo en mi armario desde hace años y que hoy esta más hot que nunca ya que los volantes/vuelos siguen siendo tendencia, sobretodo en verano. Continue Reading…


Industrial Shanghai

July 20, 2017

Hola! hola!!!
There has being so many changes of plans in the last couple of weeks that I haven’t being able to dedicate some time to my blog… because I have been organising my life for the next months, but mainly packing! guess where we are going next???… I thought we were going to stay for way longer in this city, but life is full of nice things and opportunities… so you will see… so far I can tell you we are super happy and excited! that’s all! Since the crazy days are over I have found the time to write a post! This one is from those days wandering around Shanghai, we took the metro to go down south and ended up by the river in an old part of the city which used to be a power plant/port and now is a lovely park called: ‘Shanghai Sunny Binjiang Center‘. This is a really cool place to run, work out, skate, practice yoga, etc., organise a picnic with your family and friends, relax a bit and forget the chaos of the city. It is indeed a cool industrial area to take pictures by the Huangpu river with old constructions and structures that are still standing to show you a bit more of the port history of Shanghai.

I was a usual wearing a very comfy outfit for such a walk in a hot day. OMG but I was melting! hahaha…. The temperatures are really crazy, like 40 degrees some days and the humidity is 100%… I really need to be on the beach right now. I hope soon!



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Fashion + Shop

Dusty Palette

July 4, 2017
Dusty City


More style inspiration with this dreamy palette that I really love, the dusty!. Timeless colours for a classic style. I guess this neutral colours go with most of the skin and hair colours, plus it doesn’t matter the season of the year, these one will always be trendy and will make you look cool. Even though in my closet reigns the color black, I am adding some garments with more neutral and bright colours like these ones. The last couple of years we can see more and more collections on the runways that use this kind of pallette and I am falling every time. Have a nice shopping! hehehe…

Más inspiración de estilo con esta paleta de colores de ensueño que me encanta, la polvorienta!. Colores intemporales para un estilo clásico. Supongo que estos colores neutros van con la mayoría de los colores de la piel y cabello, además de que no importa la estación del año, estos siempre estarán de moda y te harán lucir cool. A pesar de que en mi armario reina el color negro, estoy agregando algunas prendas con colores más neutros y brillantes como estos. El último par de años hemos podido ver más y más colecciones en las pasarelas que utilizan este tipo de paleta y estoy cayendo cada vez. Qué tengas unas buenas compras! jaja…
Summer is coming

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