Green Clay Mask

June 5, 2017

After using it between 2-3 times a week after a month, I saw the results and I had to share it with you. It really helped cleaning my skin!

I was looking for a product that would help me reducing my oily skin and the size of the pores in my face and after reading so much about the benefits of the clay I decided to use it and confirm the benefits myself.  The most common and used ones are the white clay, great removing impurities, red clay, suitable for sensitive skin and with high anti-inflammatory abilities, and green clay, especially recommended to treat problems of oily skins. So I went for the last one so I could create my homemade beauty masks according to my needs.

As everything in life you will see results only if you are constant. That is why I am writing this post to let you know how great the green clay is!. After using it between 2-3 times a week after a month, I saw the results and I had to share it with you. It really helped cleaning my skin, drawing out impurities, toxins, exfoliating dead cells, tightening my pores and if I was having a pimple it reduced the inflammation, like shrinking it! making it disappear faster than usual. My skin started to have a fresher and softener complexion.

Water activates the clay and all its volcanic nutrients. You can use it directly with a bit of water or you can mixed with other natural oils like: olive or coconut, or other natural products like honey, lemon, cucumber juice, aloe vera, etc.


How I use it?

1. I prepare my green clay beauty mask from 2 to 3 times a week

2. with clean-filtered water only, sometimes mineral water, but never directly from the tub. You can boil a bit of water and let it cool down and then mix it. Continue Reading…


Macello Trucker Hat

June 2, 2017

A sporty urban look for a stroll around Shanghai wearing the new MACELLO APPAREL trucker hat!

This type of baseball caps existed already, but as an accessory for the working clothes in the mechanical workshops, farms, for the truck drivers, etc. But since it was introduced as a fashion accessory in the 2000s and worn by many famous characters in music and film, it became a “must have”. The trucker hat is a basic accessory that you need to complement your sporty style, attire of the day or simply to cover your head and face of the sun and heat.

Hats never go out of style and the best thing is that they are unisex! Continue Reading…

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13 Reasons Why I love Total Black Outfits

May 31, 2017

The black color has many connotations, positives or negatives,  it’s always been one of my favorite colors at the time of dressing up. These are thirteen reasons why I love it:

  1. You can wear it any season of the year and anytime of the day
  2. is always a good choice when in doubt of what to wear
  3. is timeless and clean
  4. is always in vogue
  5. will make you look badass Continue Reading…
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Straw Handbag Edit

May 29, 2017
The Straw bag edit 5.0
The Straw bag Edit
The straw accessories are more related with summertime for most of us, maybe because are made with a fresh and natural material, however more and more women are wearing straw bags, hats, etc. everywhere, not just at the beach. Personally, I find these kind of bag timeless and unique, plus they match with any basic outfit, that is why in this post the “straw stars” are the bags, so if you have one that you use only at the beach, get it out of your closet and start wearing it today and everyday. And if you don’t have one yet, here is some style inspiration in case you were thinking to get one for this summer, since they always become a trend every time this season approaches.
I hope you like these combinations!


Los accesorios de paja están más relacionados con el verano para la mayoría de nosotros, tal vez porque están hechos con un material fresco y natural, sin embargo más y más mujeres están usando bolsos de paja, sombreros, etc. en todas partes, no sólo en la playa. Personalmente, encuentro este tipo de bolsas como accesorios atemporales y únicos, además de que coinciden con cualquier atuendo básico, es por eso que en esta entrada las “estrellas de paja” son las bolsas, por lo que si tú tienes una que sólo usas en la playa, sácala de tu armario y úsala nuevamente hoy mismo y todos los días. Y si no tienes una todavía, aquí está un poco de inspiración de estilo en caso de que estuvieras pensando en conseguir una este verano, ya que siempre se convierten en tendencia en esta estación que se avecina.

Espero que te gusten estas combinaciones! 


Continue Reading…


My Flower Dress

May 24, 2017

Spring in Shanghai feels more like a summer, it can be some days very/super/ultra humid, that you feel like melting and with when the skies are open and the sun is out you feel like you are burning alive, I like it though, it makes me feels like home in Guayaquil, where is all year long like that. That day the temperature was perfect so we went for a ride in the bicycle. The sun was shining and the whole city had a lovely golden color so I asked Giotto to help me to take these pictures with my iphone (I didn’t think in bringing my camera duh!) wearing this gorgeous “flower power” dress I bought in the last Sales at Zara in Switzerland, it was the perfect dress for a stroll and it was also super comfy to ride my bike, plus you can match it with any kind of shoes! yeiii!… so with my Converse I gave it the sporty touch.

In the last travel post about Shanghai I tell you a bit of where we went also for a walk, this a new/old city area to visit. Continue Reading…