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7 Reglas para Desconectarse

May 8, 2017
  1. Compra un viaje a la Polynesia, si no puedes hacerlo sigue leyendo.
  2. Mírate al espejo cada día y recuerda esa pasión de la que ya te habías olvidado.
  3. Antes de dormir piensa en las cosas que has hecho mal, pero que te gustaron.
  4. Llama a ese amigo/a con el que no hablas hace tiempo o escríbele si vives lejos. Continue Reading…

Free the Nipple · Macello

May 3, 2017

Simply in love with my new tee of Macello Apparel!

This is my basic outfit for a hot day in Suzhou, all dressed in light colours to stand a bit the heat.

The Macello Apparel products are handmade with love. So if you would like to support and get this t-shirt or another of our products just get in touch with us via e-mail:

or via social media:

We ship worldwide!

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Tower Bridge in Suzhou

May 2, 2017

I think Suzhou used to be more famous for the history about their classical gardens, pagodas, canals and waterside views which gave it the nickname of the “Venice of the East” or “Venice of China”, until some architect decided to copycat a landmark from another country, the Tower Bridge from London in England. It was a long weekend and we decided to leave for a day with some  of our friends (my husband and them were going to skate specifically and I went as an “extra” hehe…). This nice city is very close to Shanghai, about 30 minutes trip with the bullet train, Suzhou is also an economic center for trade and commerce, where you can see the growth and good economy of the region in their massive constructions  super modern and futuristic, which give to the city an atmosphere of being in Singapore, then you find the replica of some european structures and you remember again that you are in China.

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Crystal Choker

April 27, 2017

Timeless & sexy, but not exactly like the origins…
Atemporal & sexy, pero no exactamente como sus orígenes…

I guess you know by now the origins of the choker. This necklace goes back to the old civilizations so it has never been exactly out of style. I find chokers very cool, since it is a trend which was in vogue already when I was a teenager, it’s funny to have it back again and even more popular with many fashion bloggers or famous artists whom also wear them because of the same reason: they are cool, timeless and sexy.

They are made of many different materials: pearls, gold, fabric, etc. It’s only you the one in charge to find your favourite one. There are not two chokers alike, the styles are infinite. 

 I was looking for a pink choker and since I didn’t find any I liked, I decided to create one. The materials are super easy. At the end it’s all about your requirements in your choker.


You just need to let your imagination fly and browse around your home and see if you have some of the materials and get in to work. Continue Reading…

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New Macello Shopper Bags

April 26, 2017

Right out of the oven!!!

Here I come with another outfit post while playing model for Macello Apparel Co.. Summertime vibes are finally here in Shanghai and I couldn’t be more happy. Plus, our brand is back with more cool products.

Shopper bags might have been invented mainly to carry the groceries from the supermarket to your home. But nowadays this bag became a trendy accesory. The totes or shopper bags are the best, they are unisex, timeless and very useful. Personally, I never leave home without it inside my handbag sometimes, you never know when it might be necessary, even more if want to avoid the use of plastic or paper bags. Continue Reading…