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At first, I wanted to buy Kylie Cosmetics. Then I tried this one… and now I’m obsessed!!!

January 5, 2017

When I tried the NYX matte lipsticks, I could not stop using them, I now have my TOP 5 colors for my skin tone!
Cuando probé los labiales matte NYX, no pude dejar de usarlos, ahora tengo mi TOP 5 de colores para mi tono de piel!

Since the Kardashians dictate trends, not only in fashion, but in beauty and makeup. Going out into the street every day, with tons of makeup and correcting every little flaw of the face became the rule. Do not forget that they were the ones that made contouring fashionable, because having a round face was not very “stylized”, isn’t it? hahahaha …

Well, then came the matte lipstick, and it was not long before we fell into the temptation to have the same effect on the lips as Kim and all her sisters. There have appeared many brands and qualities in the market to choose, we thought that none made us have those sexy lips Vogue cover. Then, as usual, Kylie Cosmetics appeared and the wearing of matte lips became almost an obsession.

I thought I used to make up a lot, until I see MU’s routines of other women and I get impressed. Every day I could not take so long to see myself more “pretty”. I love the makeup, I think it helps to accentuate the beauty of each person, if you use it super good, obviously. Anyway… back to the mouth… Which is a very sexy part of the face. And knowing that there are women who in their daily life use maximum the lipstick as makeup, I decided to write this post (it should have been a video, but not yet) about my experience in finding the perfect ‘Matte lipstick’.

After trying so many expensive and cheap lipsticks, I have come to the conclusion of my search and since then I have my favorite brand. NYX. Continue Reading…


Coldest Place I’ve Ever Been

December 29, 2016

This December our swiss parents took us on a holiday in the mountains!

Now, finally defrosted I can show you some pictures of the places we visited… The main destination was Livigno in Italy, however we had time to pass by lovely italian towns that face Como lake and also the swiss towns of St. Moritz and Davos. And as usual I fell in love with the landscapes. Sometimes it felt like being in another planet when you are surrounded only by the mountains and snow.

Those were really cold temperatures for mine tropical body, hehehe… really! Everytime we arrived home I went directly into the bed to get warm. Uff… I wore so many layers… but, even under those temperatures I managed to brave the cold in style, of course. Continue Reading…

DIY, Lookbook

DIY · How I Stand Out in the Crowd

December 27, 2016

In fact I still need to get more patches for this jacket! Do you know where?
De hecho tengo que conseguir más parches para esta chaqueta! Sabes dónde?

This was my first winter jacket when I first moved to Europe five years ago, I bought it in the Esprit Outlet in Amsterdam. I remember paying for it a very small amount of money, but the style and warmth it keeps until now made it my favourite. The last couple of years seeing it hanging in my closet, it was still looking good, but not charming, it made me think about a little DIY makeover.

And since patches are a big thing again, and I like this trend very much, I didn’t think twice and got so many of them in to decorate not just this jacket, but also a denim vest. The patches are awesome, and you can already buy clothes with them attached, but it is going to be another product that someone else also has. That is why you better think in the garment where you would like to add the patches and then browse the Web and get the coolest ones according to your taste and DIY project. Continue Reading…



December 21, 2016

dsc_0197 Morcote, Ticino

In Ticino stands the loveliest village of Switzerland.
En Ticino se encuentra el pueblo más encantador de Suiza. 

Morcote es un hermoso y encantador lugar frente al lago de Lugano y ha ganado el titulo como la comuna más linda del país. El titulo se lo ha llevado gracias a una votación que existe desde el 2011, imagino que fue tremendo para los organizadores y público en general elegir entre tantas comunidades maravillosas que tiene Suiza. 

Esta vez he vuelto a Morcote, mi ‘villaggio’ favorito en Ticino, para enseñárselo a mi gran amiga Doris, que estuvo de visita en Lugano por unos días y obviamente se quedó enamorada. Lamentablemente por la época del año no pudimos visitar el jardín botánico ‘Parco Scherrer’ que es llamado como “El Jardín de las Maravillas”. El parque fue construido por Arturo Scherrer (1881 – 1956), quien fue un comerciante de textiles, ávido viajero y amante del arte y la cultura. Las casas del parque-monumento muestran una rica colección de objetos de arte de diferentes países y diferentes épocas, rodeado de exuberante vegetación. Es como estar en Alicia en el País de las maravillas!. Continue Reading…