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Peace Park

April 24, 2017

We went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and Giotto suggested to visit this park since it looked very popular among the locals. We went inside with a couple of beers to make our “Aperò” before having dinner. Peace Park is indeed a beautiful place full of nature. In the middle of a concrete jungle as Shanghai you can still find these little oasis of calm. Which are the perfect places to disconnect a bit from the chaos outside the fences. There were no crowds, still do not expect to feel alone or in real peace, as long as you are not the first one to enter the park at 8am that will be hard to get, and not even.

I think this park is a good place to enjoy and see a bit closer the local culture in a chinese metropoli as Shanghai, were the modernity and fast living sometimes fades away the authenticity of this culture. Inside we felt a kind of real China, no traffic noise for once, people in big groups practicing their popular square dance, others playing their traditional musical instruments, which gave the perfect harmony to the place with their melodies, some families were in the game of taking the best portrait photo of their children, others working out, jogging or simply sleeping on the grass where there was a very big chart with: “do not walk on the grass”, while us were playing tourists at the same time as enjoying the “people watching” also towards us from the locals… yes, all of the above inside a gorgeous chinese garden. Continue Reading…

Peace, Fun & Love

Cherry Blossom Festival Shanghai

April 19, 2017

Shanghai also offers this natural spectacle!
Shanghai también ofrece este espectáculo natural!

A couple of weeks ago while having a stroll around Yangpu (a district at the north of Shanghai, but very close to the center), looking for a bicycle to buy for my hubby and after accomplishing it, we kept with our afternoon ride, until we happened to pass by the campus of Tongji University where the Cherry Blossom Festival was in bloom that saturday. I remember I just read about it in WeChat (an amazing chinese app), so since we were already there, we decided to enter to the uni to see those great pink trees full of sakura flowers. The good thing is that we didn’t have to travel to Japan to see this natural spectacle in a concrete jungle as Shanghai.

The transience of the blossoms, the exquisite beauty and volatility, has often been associated with mortality[1] and graceful and readily acceptance of destiny and karma; for this reason, cherry blossoms are richly symbolic, and have been utilized often in Japanese art, manga, anime, and film, as well as at musical performances for ambient effect.

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New Old Skool

April 16, 2017

Wearing my Vans Old Skool, a present from my hubby!
Usando mis Vans Old Skool, un regalo de mi esposo!

When moving to Shanghai, I didn’t want to bring too much in my suitcase, and that’s how it was… a very light closet for a new city, because I knew in China I was going to do shopping seriously… However, after a month here I have behaved really well and instead of hitting the malls for new stuff, I decided to wait and just go and get new lovely things for my closet only if I really need them… so I needed a pair of black sneakers…

My new Vans shoes are my current obsession, they were a gift from my hubby, he knows I am a fan of this brand (I own a small collection of the ‘authentic’ line) and since I was looking for a new pair of black ones, these were a perfect match for my closet needs and a great surprise from him! :). These are my first pair of Vans ‘old skool’ and maybe not the last one… Thank you amore mio!.

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Savage Babe

April 12, 2017

Do these leather pants and this animal print coat make me look scary or sexy?
¿Estos pantalones de cuero y este abrigo de estampado animal me hacen ver de miedo o sexy?

I’m a number one animalier or animal print fan as you may know. This coat I bought in the sales and has been a fundamental part of my looks this last winter and what is left of the cold spring even though I haven’t publish many outfits with it. This print complements very well my total black outfits, as it gives life, eccentricism and elegance to this color, much more with my imitation leather pants. Which I think made look very savage, when in reality I am very sweet. Just don’t make me angry… or you will see the “animal” I can become… hehehehe… I can box a little. So watch out!!!

The detail of this look is my small belt bag, which is very functional and practical for any moment.

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FOR HIM · Sporty Everyday

April 10, 2017
Simple everyday
Are you the type of man who like any kind of sport? Are you a sportsman?
Inspired in the style of the guys that are everyday in a rush to somewhere, like the gym, college, work and so… Here I come with these three basic sporty outfits that you can mix and match!

I think I could wear these outfits myself, except for the underwear. Although I find it very comfortable for sleeping. hehehe…

¿Eres del tipo de hombre al que le gusta cualquier tipo de deporte? ¿Eres tú un deportista?
Inspirado en el estilo de los chicos que todos los días están en una carrera hacía a algún lugar, como el gimnasio, la universidad, el trabajo y así… Aquí vengo con tres atuendos deportivos básicos que se pueden mezclar y coincidir!
Creo que yo misma podría usar estos outfits, excepto la ropa interior. Aunque me parece muy cómoda para dormir. Jejeje…
Sporty chic man

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