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Denim Shirt Edit

May 22, 2017
Denim Shirt Edit 4.0


The Denim shirt 3.0


The denim shirt is always going to be a must have. Doesn’t matter your style, age, location in the planet, year, season, sex, etc. This is a durable, fresh and also a timeless item to have in your wardrobe. Due to denim is a neutral material, it always comes back every year stronger, it goes perfectly with any bottom you want to match it with. It’s like wearing black! (always a perfect match). Even denim over denim will look awesome.
With this ultimate basic garment, you and your closet will  be happy.

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New Old Shanghai

May 17, 2017

Shanghai is not just that futuristic postcard of Pudong that we all know, although it is great, personally it is not the real postcard that we should appreciate. The Pearl of the East has a long history of western influence, has been and still is the largest and most important port in the world, also part of its architecture reflects that mixture between the past and the future, having both as a similarity the adoption and openness to the world. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and we went by bike towards the city center. We accidentally ended up at the creek of the Suzhou River. Very close to Waibaidu Bridge or Garden Bridge (that historic English bridge at the north end of The Bund) where the government and private enterprise have worked to reopen to the public an old area of buildings built largely by the English and French in the 30s. An original area, that is not the copy of another existing place, perfect for european style weddings photos, with upscale boutiques, with luxurious bars and restaurants as the Chinese like. All super top. No local dumplings, “Beijing bikinis” or fake stuff… hahaha… the area is so exclusive that anyone in bicycle can’t pass, just by foot. Really walking around makes you feel like in Brooklyn, New York. But no, you are in that Shanghai that Europeans built long time ago and it is simply beautiful. Continue Reading…


New Kale Green Shoes

May 15, 2017

I found a lovely pair of kale green shoes in my favourite store in Lugano, Top Shoes. The green color is one of the rulers in the Pantone of 2017 and the kale is one of the variants for the greenery trend. So when I found these ones, I was in the beginning a bit hesitant of even trying them on, because they were green and I was not up for shoes of that color, I was actually looking for this style of shoes but black, I realised I had too many sneakers and that I needed a more casual style, and black goes with absolutely everything as you know… I decided to try them anyways and “it was love at the first try”. At the end I thought these were a good pair of timeless shoes and of a trendy color, also were the last pair in my size and 50% off, what else do I want for shoes made in Italy? (italian shoes have the best quality 100%) plus, I could match them perfectly with everything in my closet!. This was a win win! hehehe…  Continue Reading…


Camo Spring Trend 2017

May 10, 2017

Wearing my Calzedonia fishnet tights!
Usando mis medias de red Calzedonia!

The color trend of 2017 as you may already know is the Greenery. And although the color itself is a very vivid green tone, doesn’t mean that to “be fashion” you have to put it on. Pantone presents each year its catalog of colors and we can use all its tones variations. In the sales of Zara I found this pair of camo pants. I saw they were very cheap (only 14CHF (Swiss francs) which are about $ 15) so I decided to try them out. Seeing that they fitted me as I like and that I felt super comfortable in them, I took them with me. Today I have a new pair of classic basic pants (since the camouflage print is one of those) I will be able to wear them for a long time. Without wanting to, I’m using the 2017 color trend. Hahaha … I’ve never had a trouser or kind of military garment before. I also love these pants because they are of a natural color, that I can combine with other neutral tones and will always look good. Continue Reading…

Peace, Fun & Love

7 Reglas para Desconectarse

May 8, 2017
  1. Compra un viaje a la Polynesia, si no puedes hacerlo sigue leyendo.
  2. Mírate al espejo cada día y recuerda esa pasión de la que ya te habías olvidado.
  3. Antes de dormir piensa en las cosas que has hecho mal, pero que te gustaron.
  4. Llama a ese amigo/a con el que no hablas hace tiempo o escríbele si vives lejos. Continue Reading…