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December 31, 2014



And We could say that 2015 it’s already around the corner… And as usual I am anxious about the new beginnings… Every year that goes (maybe for a cultural and a traditional reason) it’s always super important for me. In Ecuador we celebrate the end of the year in a very symbolic way. We practice many rituals in order to clean ourselves to receive the new year, eliminating the negative things that happened during the year that is ending mainly. How do we do this? uffff… I reckon there are hundreds of ways that ecuadorians and few other countries in latin America practice in order to be ready for the special night of December 31st… From the streets you can feel the intensity of every human being, rushing to do the last shopping of clothes (we want to wear brand new clothes that night), goods, food, or to buy a “viejo” (“old year”) effigy to burn, or rushing to get home to prepare their homes, by cleaning it, decorating it, even painting it I’ve heard once, just to have it “new” for the new year which is approaching in the next hours… Our ecuadorian culture is accustomed to practice any single “cabala” to attract the good fortune and happiness. Personally I have my top 5 of rituals that I practice every year in order to achieve success in few aspects I think I wanna improve or accomplish.

But first… If you want you can visit this website that I found on which explains the main ritual of our people in Ecuador and how big it is after so many years… which is BURNING AN EFFIGY (my total favorite if in Ecuador) I think this website describes in english very well this custom. Even if you don’t have any traditional ritual, this is the one that every ecuadorian will do.
Ok, and now back to my top 5 to be ready for the new year and to attract the good fortune in general. I reckon these ones are the easiest and you can try them anywhere you are.

1. YELLOW UNDERWEAR!!! THIS IS A MUST FOR ME. Yellow means prosperity and happiness. It’s better if you receive it as a present from someone. I also recommend the red underwear for the ones looking for love and passion. And since I live abroad and not everybody wanna join me in burning an effigy or running with a luggage around the block, this is the one I never miss anywhere I am.

2. EAT 12 GRAPES!!! and make a wish on every grape which symbolize every month of the year. Better 6 red and 6 green, so your wishes come true.

3. WEAR BRAND NEW CLOTHES you really wanna be completely brand new to receive the new year, this is not always a complete thing for me, but for sure not just the underwear has to be brand new, but something of my outfit for sure.

4. RUB A BANK NOTE OF THE BIGGEST AMOUNT and keep making a wish, like if you are rubbing to get a genie in the bottle out of it. Other tradition is putting the note inside your shoes. Or putting the note in your wallet and never spend it during the year.

5. JUMP 7 WAVES IF ON THE BEACH this one is a Brazilian tradition that I learnt while celebrating the new year in Australia back in 2010. You can also jump over your effigy while getting burn, but of course as a lady I have never tried that one, so jumping over 7 waves and making a wish was perfect for me to do. hehehe… (I don’t know why 7, instead of 12) I will find out why…

There are plenty of things we do to get the best of the new year, so find out about these and choose your favorites, but the effectivity of these rituals are based on your own hope and faith. I think the best of doing and practicing these cabalas are the family junction which keep us together in such a special day… For me it is, maybe it is just another day for someone somewhere on the other side of the earth, but still I encourage everybody just to try it, not to get rich, or find love, but mainly to share a different night with your loved ones and friends. You will laugh for sure and enjoy the beginning of the new year!!
I have a list of resolutions for the 2015, and many old sad, not nice things I will burn this 2014. I just can not be more happy to be back home to finally to celebrate and party PROPERLY with my whole family and do all this cabalas with them. It’s good to be here where I feel understood and not as a crazy woman who does stupid things on the new years eve. hahahaha… I think we do enjoy life as it best! yes, We ecuadorians do it better… 😉



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